Golden Gremlin: A Vigorous Push from Misanthropes and Geezers

Golden Gremlin: A Vigorous Push from Misanthropes and Geezers - Rod a Walters Golden Gremlin: A Vigorous Push from Misanthropes and Geezers by Rod a Walters is a book of essays, opinions, short stories and humorous anecdotes. This is one man's observations on life, with opinions on nature, carbon footprints, business advice and kitchen advice. In the end you even get a few songs. To put it another way this is a book written from the viewpoint of a geezer and a misanthrope. That means it's coming from someone that's been around the block and prefers their own company instead of being in a large group of people. He may not care but he still has a lot to say about society and a lot of good stories to share.

Golden Gremlin is a hard book to describe. Going into it I wasn't sure what to expect because I have never read anything like it. The way the book is set up is different from most books. The essays are fairly short and at the end of each one there is a link that will take you back to the beginning or sometimes to a different essay. The word that comes to mind for me as I try to describe this book is "interesting." Some of it I didn't fully understand but it has its moments and there are some funny parts in it. This book feels like the author was trying to say life isn't meant to be taken seriously and he was trying to entertain himself first and foremost. If you try to sit and read this book from cover to cover you may not like it but if you read a couple of stories every day you will find it to be an entertaining read.

One of my favorite parts was when he was poking fun at how absurd Facebook and twitter is and says what his first tweet would be: "If U don't follow me, U won't hear if I really do have purple undies on 2day. Another part I liked was when he talks about the joys of being a misanthrope.  Some of the benefits are not caring what others have to say and having more time to yourself because your time is your own. Some of his opinions will put a smile on your face, such as when he points out that all decisions in society should be made by the young or the old and not by the people between the ages of 20 and 50. If you are looking for a book that's a little different from someone who has seen it all and doesn't take himself too seriously then give this one a try