The Nomad’s Premonition

The Nomad’s Premonition - Georges Benay Eric Martin has had an exciting past but he is trying to leave that behind. He now works as deputy head of a bank’s internal security department but his instincts are telling him that something strange is going on. He notices that there is a nameless user who is predicting profitable trades and making a profit off it. Eric seems to be the only one who notices it and his boss is telling him to just let it go. Eric decides to do a little investigating on his own and believes there is a special software program being used by the trader which was used in the past to create financial instability.

As he goes further down the rabbit hole, he finds that the problem is much more complex than a simple trader with a stolen program. Eric now has a boss he can no longer trust, an ex-lover suddenly appears who seems to be out to harm him and there is a terrorist who is always just out of reach. He does have one ally though in the form of Interpol agent Stephanie Brule but the two of them together may not be enough to stop the chain of events that started when Eric took the job that was too good to be true.

Nomad’s Premonition by Georges Benay is the sequel to Nomad On The Run but the book does work as a stand alone thriller. What I liked about this book is seeing how the characters have changed. We see a lot more of Eric’s boss Alain Lepetit in this one and we see that he’s a man hiding some big secrets. I also liked how different Eric is in this book, in book one he is confident and in this story you see that he is a broken man who hasn’t gotten over what happened to him in Morocco. Now he is just trying to do his job and remembering back to a simpler time when he was happy, but once again he gets caught in a crisis that he wanted no part of. Eric is like an ordinary guy who gets forced to be an action hero.

Every character in Nomad’s Premonition is complex and they all seem to be hiding a secret agenda. This is not your normal action packed read, there is a lot going on here from the exotic locations to how money and power affect people. There is also a lot of detail put into what its like to be an international banker and all the problems that go with it. I found myself thinking that this book is probably pretty true to life. Where there is massive amounts of wealth, you’re going to have to deal with corruption. This is a thinking man’s thriller where you get to visit locations and meet people who you never see in everyday life.