Rise of the Hearts

Rise of the Hearts - Antoine Bonner I picked up Rise Of The Hearts by Antoine Bonner when I got an email from Netgalley promoting it. It seemed to be a book that was up my alley since it sounded like it fit into the paranormal genre. It’s centered on a character named Nathanial who has no luck with women and his only friend is his sister. Then something odd happens and he is given the gift to attract any girl he wants but he soon finds out it can also be a curse. This sounded like a good story idea to me but sadly I couldn’t get through this book.

For starters I have to say I love books and anyone who is a writer. I have respect for anyone who publishes a book especially for people who self-publish. That being said this is a book that doesn’t feel like it was ready to be published. It felt like the author wrote this book in a hurry and just wanted to get it out there. It has bad characters, bad dialogue and the story felt weak. I got the feeling that this is a brand new writer who had no help from an editor or beta-readers.

At first from the writing I thought it was meant to be a y.a. novel. Though as I came to a part where the lead character ejaculated in his pants I realized that this wasn’t the case. I hope Antoine keeps writing because he at least had a good idea here but you should never rush to put out a novel that needs so much work.