Nomad on the Run: A Nomad Thriller Series - Book 1

Nomad on the Run: A Nomad Thriller Series - Book 1 - Georges Benay Eric Martin was making a good living as managing director for a major international bank in Toronto. Everything changes as he receives a mysterious job offer from a financial firm in Morocco. Having been born in Morocco and wanting to visit his ancestral home, he decides to meet with firm's president Jeff Offenbach. He finds out that we are at the beginning of a global financial crisis which this firm may be trying to capitalize on.

Eric now finds himself over his head in a world where no one can be trusted and everyone has their own agenda. From Valarie who seems to be keeping big secrets to  Jeff Offenbach who knows more about the crisis than he's telling anyone. Eric is up against a dangerous cast of characters all motivated by power and money. Can he build a team of financial wizards to help stop the crisis or will he become a victim to the disaster that is coming?

Nomad On The Run by Georges Benay is a thriller about money, greed and power set in exotic locations. The most interesting part of this book was trying to figure out what everyone's agenda is. One of my favorite scenes in this book was when Eric was deciding to join Jeff's firm and does it by remembering how his father became successful. His father didn't have an education and trusted his instincts to become rich and he tried to teach his son to do the same.  To be like his father Eric has to know how to read people and figure out what makes them tick and it's not always easy.

This is a big part of what this novel is about, Eric is having to deal with different types of people and decide if he can trust them by listening to his gut feelings. This book is light on action but it makes up for it by having characters with very detailed personalities that all have secrets to hide. Another thing I liked in this book was how Eric chooses the team he works with by trying to find people whose agenda is in sync with his.

Nomad On The Run is the kind of thriller that is meant for intellectuals, because there is a lot to think about.  Some of the financial terminology used and the details on economics went over my head but it added a sense of realism to it. I liked the descriptions of Morocco and its history, the setting truly comes to life and is like a character itself.  This is not your average suspense novel, Georges Benay does not talk down to his audience and he uses his knowledge of being an international banker to bring this book to life. If you want to get away to a different country and experience a different way of life without going anywhere, then give this one a look.