The CleanSweep Counterstrike

The Cleansweep Counterstrike - Chuck Waldron

Charles Claussen's Operation Cleansweep has failed. It was meant to cleanse the world of undesirables and improve humanity. The plan came crashing down though thanks to investigative blogger Matt Tremain and his friends including police detective Carling. Now Charles wants revenge but it won't be easy as the people who funded his project are out for revenge against him along with their money back. After receiving threats from Claussen, Tremain ad Carling head off to the 4 corners of the world to find Claussen and bring his brand of chaos to an end. 


The CleanSweep Counterstrike by Charles Waldron is the sequel to The CleanSweep Conspiracy but it works as a stand alone novel. What I enjoyed about this book was how it went in a total different direction then the first book. While that one had a message about how many freedoms are we willing to give away to the government for our protection this one is more of an action adventure novel. Claussen is a great villain and I loved how his character changed in this story and what he has to resort to in this story. This is a great thriller which fans of conspiracy and spy stories will love.