The Austin Paradox

The Austin Paradox - William Leibowitz

The Austin Paradox by William R. Leibowitz is the sequel to Miracle Man. In this one we see a different Robert Austin, one who doesn't have the intelligence he once had but still wants to work at curing diseases. He still has to deal with his personal demons, forces that are trying to destroy him and a government that wants him under control. He is determined to do what's right though whether he still has his intelligence or not.


 This book is much like the first one, what it lacks in action it makes up with a good story with multiple meanings and some great characters. I find it interesting in this book that Robert Austin is helping the world to be a better place yet there are so many people who don't see it that way. People have there own perception of what right and wrong is and to some curing diseases is doing wrong and I'm not just talking about the pharmaceutical companies point of view. If you like books that make you think and has a lot of deep meanings then check this one out.