Miracle Man

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Miracle Man - William Leibowitz

Robert James Austin was left in a dumpster as a baby. The press called him the dumpster baby but eventually a nice family adopted him and now he is the world's greatest genius. The government found him at an early age and wanted him to help build weapon systems. After the death of one of his mentors though Robert decides to throw his superior intelligence into curing the world's diseases. This makes him an enemy of the government and the pharmaceutical companies. Robert doesn't know who he can trust anymore and there are powerful forces trying to stop him.


Miracle Man by Robert James Austin is a psychological medical thriller which is not your average read. This book has great characters and a great story but is very light on suspense and action which isn't to say its not good. There is a message here about how all life even if it seems insignificant is important and one about how the pharmaceutical companies make money off treating a disease but don't really want to find a cure. I also enjoyed how the book gets into how there is a balance in the universe between good and evil. This is a book that will really make you think it's like a superhero story without the costume.